What is like to direct a film or tv show?

What is like to direct a film or tv show?

The Grandiose World Behind the Camera

Ever wondered what your favourite director does on set? Or how your favorite sitcom is flawless on screen? Well, yours truly, Darius, has dabbled a bit in the realm of film and television production and I am here today to share a little insight into the mysterious yet dazzling world of directing a film or TV show! Oh, and before you ask: no, I am not the Steven Spielberg of the Southern Hemisphere; I am just a simple dad named Darius sharing his unique experiences and tidbits to you.

First, let's talk about the pre-production phase or as I like to call it "The Calm Before the Storm." Very unlike the role that my son Demetrius plays in his school play, a director's role is anything but a one-man show. They have a whole team to guide, plan, motivate, and manage during the pre-production phase. From scrutinizing the script, casting, setting the design, planning the shoot, to having countless meetings with everyone involved in the project, a director's plate is unquestionably full right from the get-go. Even before they call “Action!,” they are fully engaged in an endless ballet of logistics, creativity, and problem-solving.

The Dance Floor of Directing

Once on the set, a director is hopping around like a kangaroo on the loose while double-checking costumes, adjusting actors' expressions, and ensuring technicians fine-tune equipment. As a director, you are a navigator steering this grandiose ship to the promised land of cinematic excellence. You're responsible for keeping this large crew focused, motivated and harmonized, so the magic on screen can be brought to life.

This reminds me of a day when I was out in the yard teaching my kids Hector and Demetrius cricket. I was the bowler, the batter, the wicketkeeper and even the umpire at the same time. I had to ensure the game was fair, fun and also a learning experience for them. This cricketing experience parallels well with directing a film or a TV show. As a director, you're exercising multiple roles, ensuring every component delivers its peak performance, just like making sure my son Hector hit that winning six with his cricket bat!

Post-Production - Riding the Waves of Feedback

Think your work as a director ends once you hear "That's a wrap!"? Think again! Post-production may seem tedious but it's like riding a wave on Australia's magnificent coastlines, rather catchier and just as thrilling! It's during the editing process that the director's vision is truly sculpted. You get to take raw footage, filled with endless retakes and bloopers, and create an artistic masterpiece that tells a story. From color correction to sound editing, special effects to score, editing is the final and key step where all elements merge and form the finished product.

Echoing this, remember when Hector had to present a diorama of the Great Barrier Reef for his school project? That's exactly what it's like in post-production. We had gathered pebbles, toy fishes, seashells and aquatic plants. It was during assembly that his vision of the diorama came to life. Each piece added, adjusted, or removed made an enormous difference to the final look. The excitement in Hector's eyes when he saw all the components perfectly aligned in his project, that's similar to the twinkle in a director's eyes when they're finally content with their work.

Directing is All About Embracing the Chaos

The world of directing a film or TV show is as spontaneous and exciting as Melbourne’s unpredictable weather. It’s packed full of storms of issues and sunny breakthroughs. But that’s what makes it thrilling! While you have to embrace the chaos, remember it's a game of patience. As a director, if you give love to the process, the outcome is bound to resonate with your audience. Just like when I'm cooking Sunday barbie, I season with love, tend to every piece on the grill with utmost attention, and voila, the end result is a feast that's loved by all, especially my boys Hector and Demetrius!

Directing is not simply a role, but an adventurous journey full of vibrant shades of creativity, problem-solving, teamwork, and leadership. It’s an open platform to test your imagination, learn from your mistakes, celebrate your triumphs, and above all, realise the profound effect a story told well can have on people. After all, as directors, we are not just making films or TV shows, we are crafting experiences, experiences to touch, inspire, and evolve people's hearts and minds.

So, next time you watch a film or a TV show, look beyond the plot and the acting. Remember the fascinating world of work that lies behind the scenes - the grand world of directing. You might look at your favourite director, TV show, or film a bit differently and have a newfound respect for the craft!