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Tahaan ( Drama )

Cast � Purav Bhandare, Anupam Kher, Rahul Bose, Sarika

Direction : Santosh Sivan

Santosh Sivan has already proved his forte while handling the theme of insurgency in the award-wining film, The Terrorist, This time, he enters the killing fields itself and views life in the midst of guns and grenades juxtaposed against the sylvan mountains cape of the Kashmir Valley, Interestingly, he adopts a style that is quintessential to Iranian cinema and tells his story- death and destruction versus life, love and hope through and eight-year �old protagonist, Tahann ( Purav Bhandare), who has just one mission in life. He wants his donkey, Birbal, back after his mother (Sarika ) is forced to sell it off whe the going gets tough.

The film is essentially a paean to Santosh Sivan�s skills as a cinematographer, as his camera captures the seasons and the mood the Valley, like never and before, Young Tahaan, who lives with his mute mother and sister, after his father disappears, makes friends with the trader (Anupam Kher ) who bought his donkey and tries to buy it back from him. He accompanies the avuncular trader and his yokel aide ( Rahul Bose ) on their business trips, into terrorist-infested land, to no avail. The trader fails to relent and the enterprising Tahaan ends up handling a grenade for his newfound terrorist friend, only because the gun-toting jihadis have promised to get his donkey back Innocent Tahaan�s tryst with terrorism in indeed a gripping affair, specially since young Purav renders a heart warming performance as the child who lives in war-torn territory and still believes in miracles. Anupam�s in great form. Sarika�s impressive. Rahul Bose looks out of sorts.

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