Category: Biography
All Genres: Biography, Comedy, Crime, Drama
Release Year: 2008
Country: USA, Hong Kong
Rating: 6.6 (0)
Languages: English
Director: Oliver Stone
Sound: Dolby Digital, DTS

  • Get Ready
  • A life misunderestimated.

  • Writing by: Stanley Weiser – (written by)

    Produced by: Bill Block – producer
    Moritz Borman – producer
    Teresa Cheung – executive producer
    Elliot Ferwerda – executive producer
    Suzie Gilbert – co-producer
    Peter D. Graves – executive producer
    Paul Hanson – executive producer
    Johnny Hon – executive producer
    Jon Kilik – executive producer
    Eric Kopeloff – executive producer
    Christopher Mapp – executive producer
    Tom Ortenberg – executive producer
    Ethan Smith – co-producer
    Thomas Sterchi – executive producer
    Matthew Street – executive producer
    David Whealy – executive producer
    Albert Yeung – executive producer

    Cast: Elizabeth Banks – Laura Bush
    Josh Brolin – George W. Bush
    Thandie Newton – Condoleezza Rice
    Richard Dreyfuss – Dick Cheney
    Ioan Gruffudd – Tony Blair
    Jesse Bradford – Ws college friend
    James Cromwell – George Herbert Walker Bush
    Jason Ritter – Jeb Bush
    Ellen Burstyn – Barbara Bush
    Scott Glenn – Donald Rumsfeld
    Noah Wyle – Don Evans

    Music: Paul Cantelon
    Official Website: Visit Website

    Plot Outline: Into the life of a widowed professor comes a new love and an unexpected visit from his adopted brother.
    Plot: A chronicle on the life and presidency of George W. Bush (Brolin).

    Crazy Credits: We know about 2 Crazy Credits. One of them reads:
    Though hardly recognizable, the Paramount and DreamWorks jingles at the beginning are the original ones heavily altered digitally to be darker and robotic. They then merge with the title sequence music.

    Goofs: We know about 2 goofs. Here comes one of them:
    Continuity: When Lawrence leaves the hotel room in New York, to meet with his publisher, hes walking down the hotel corridor carrying his tie and a champagne bottle in his hand, however he doesnt remove his tie or buy the champagne until after his meeting.

    Trivia: There are 2 entries in the trivia list – like these:

    • Josh Brolin prepared for his role as Bush by telephoning hotels and talking to the people simply to hear the accent. He also watched videos of Bush to try and get the style of his walk right.
    • Robert Duvall is rumored to have been considered for the role of Dick Cheney.

Im Not There.

Category: Biography
All Genres: Biography, Drama, Music
Release Year: 2007
Country: USA, Germany
Runtime: 135
Rating: 6.7 (0)
Languages: English
Director: Todd Haynes
Sound: Dolby Digital

  • All I Can Do Is Be Me Whoever That Is

  • Writing by: Todd Haynes – (screenplay) &
    Oren Moverman – (screenplay)
    Todd Haynes – (story)

    Produced by: Philippe Aigle – associate producer: Dreammachine
    Philip Elway – executive producer
    John Goldwyn – producer
    Andreas Grosch – executive producer
    Douglas Hansen – executive producer (as Douglas E. Hansen)
    Wendy Japhet – executive producer
    Amy J. Kaufman – executive producer
    Charlotte Mickie – associate producer: Dreammachine
    Hengameh Panahi – executive producer
    Charles Pugliese – co-producer
    John Sloss – producer
    Steven Soderbergh – executive producer
    James D. Stern – producer
    Christine Vachon – producer
    John Wells – executive producer

    Cast: Cate Blanchett – Jude
    Ben Whishaw – Arthur
    Christian Bale – Jack / Pastor John
    Richard Gere – Billy
    Marcus Carl Franklin – Woody / Chaplin Boy
    Heath Ledger – Robbie
    Kris Kristofferson – Narrator (voice)
    Don Francks – Hobo Joe
    Roc LaFortune – Hobo Moe
    Larry Day – Government Agent
    Paul Cagelet – Carny / Bell-Hop

    Music: James Horner
    Official Website: Visit Website

    Plot Outline: Ruminations on the life of Bob Dylan, where six characters embody a different aspect of the musicians life and work.
    Plot: Six incarnations of Bob Dylan: an actor, a folk singer, an electrified troubadour, Rimbaud, Billy the Kid, and Woody Guthrie. Put Dylans music behind their adventures, soliloquies, interviews, marriage, and infidelity. Recreate 1960s documentaries in black and white. Put each at a crossroads, the artist becoming someone else. Jack, the son of Ramblin Jack Elliott, finds Jesus; handsome Robbie falls in love then abandons Claire. Woody, a lad escaped from foster care, hobos the U.S. singing; Billy awakes in a valley threatened by a six-lane highway; Rimbaud talks. Jude, booed at Newport when he goes electric, fences with reporters, pundits, and fans. He wont be classified.

    Crazy Credits: We know about 3 Crazy Credits. One of them reads:
    There are no opening credits after the title has been shown.

    Goofs: We know about 3 goofs. Here comes one of them:
    Anachronisms: During the Los Angeles home sequences, Claires/Robbies telephone number has a 310 area code, which was introduced November 2, 1991. The area code should be 213.

    Trivia: There are 2 entries in the trivia list – like these:

    • Cate Blanchett wore a sock down her trousers to play Bob Dylan. The actress said it “helped me walk like a man.”
    • Colin Farrell was originally cast as Robbie Clark. He dropped out of the film to admit himself into rehab for a dependency on back pain medication. Heath Ledger replaced him. Farrell would later take over for Ledger in The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (2009) after Ledgers death.

Schindlers List

Category: Biography
All Genres: Biography, Drama, History, War
Release Year: 1993
Country: USA
Runtime: 195
Rating: 7.5 (0)
Languages: English, Hebrew, German, Polish
Director: Steven Spielberg
Sound: DTS-Stereo, DTS

  • Whoever saves one life, saves the world entire.
  • The List Is Life.

  • Writing by: Thomas Keneally – (book)
    Steven Zaillian – (screenplay)

    Produced by: Irving Glovin – associate producer
    Kathleen Kennedy – executive producer
    Branko Lustig – producer
    Gerald R. Molen – producer
    Robert Raymond – associate producer
    Lew Rywin – co-producer
    Steven Spielberg – producer

    Cast: Liam Neeson – Oskar Schindler
    Ben Kingsley – Itzhak Stern
    Ralph Fiennes – Amon Goeth
    Caroline Goodall – Emilie Schindler
    Jonathan Sagall – Poldek Pfefferberg (as Jonathan Sagalle)
    Embeth Davidtz – Helen Hirsch
    Malgoscha Gebel – Wiktoria Klonowska
    Shmuel Levy – Wilek Chilowicz (as Shmulik Levy)
    Mark Ivanir – Marcel Goldberg
    Béatrice Macola – Ingrid
    Andrzej Seweryn – Julian Scherner

    Music: John Williams
    Official Website: Visit Website

    Plot Outline: Oskar Schindler uses Jews to start a factory in Poland during the war. He witnesses the horrors endured by the Jews, and starts to save them.
    Plot: Oskar Schindler is a vain, glorious and greedy German businessman who becomes unlikely humanitarian amid the barbaric Nazi reign when he feels compelled to turn his factory into a refuge for Jews. Based on the true story of Oskar Schindler who managed to save about 1100 Jews from being gassed at the Auschwitz concentration camp. A testament for the good in all of us.

    Crazy Credits: We know about 4 Crazy Credits. One of them reads:
    Does not include the usual E.T.-and-Elliott logo for Steven Spielbergs Amblin Entertainment.

    Goofs: We know about 31 goofs. Here comes one of them:
    Continuity: Placement of Sterns arm around one-armed worker at Schindler Warehouse.

    Trivia: There are 67 entries in the trivia list – like these:

    • Tim Roth was considered for the role of Amon Goeth.
    • Billy Wilder contributed to the first draft of the screenplay for this film, and at one time early in its production, was set to direct it.
    • Spielbergs first R-rated film.


Category: Biography
All Genres: Biography, Crime, Drama
Release Year: 1990
Country: USA
Runtime: 146
Rating: 8.7 (0)
Languages: English, Italian
Director: Martin Scorsese
Sound: Dolby SR

  • "As far back as I can remember, Ive always wanted to be a gangster." — Henry Hill, Brooklyn, N.Y. 1955.
  • Three Decades of Life in the Mafia.
  • Murderers come with smiles.
  • Shooting people was No big deal.
  • In a world thats powered by violence, on the streets where the violent have power, a new generation carries on an old tradition.

  • Writing by: Nicholas Pileggi – (book "Wise Guy")
    Nicholas Pileggi – (screenplay) &
    Martin Scorsese – (screenplay)

    Produced by: Barbara De Fina – executive producer
    Bruce S. Pustin – associate producer (as Bruce Pustin)
    Irwin Winkler – producer

    Cast: Robert De Niro – James Jimmy Conway
    Ray Liotta – Henry Hill
    Joe Pesci – Tommy DeVito
    Lorraine Bracco – Karen Hill
    Paul Sorvino – Paul Cicero
    Frank Sivero – Frankie Carbone
    Tony Darrow – Sonny Bunz
    Mike Starr – Frenchy
    Frank Vincent – Billy Batts
    Chuck Low – Morris Morrie Kessler
    Frank DiLeo – Tuddy Cicero

    Music: James Newton Howard
    Official Website: Visit Website

    Plot Outline: Henry Hill and his friends work their way up through the mob hierarchy.
    Plot: Henry Hill is a small time gangster, who takes part in a robbery with Jimmy Conway and Tommy De Vito, two other gangsters who have set their sights a bit higher. His two partners kill off everyone else involved in the robbery, and slowly start to climb up through the hierarchy of the Mob. Henry, however, is badly affected by his partners success, but will he stoop low enough to bring about the downfall of Jimmy and Tommy ?

    Crazy Credits: We know about 1 Crazy Credits. One of them reads:
    During the opening title sequence, a news report is heard. Then the movie begins with the news reporter.

    Goofs: We know about 64 goofs. Here comes one of them:
    Anachronisms: In the scene that opens with the title “Idlewild Airport, 1963″, Henry is leaning on a 1965 Chevy Impala.

    Trivia: There are 48 entries in the trivia list – like these:

Charlie Wilsons War

Category: Biography
All Genres: Biography, Drama
Release Year: 2007
Country: USA
Runtime: 102
Rating: 6.8 (0)
Languages: English, Dari, Arabic, Russian
Director: Mike Nichols
Sound: Dolby Digital, SDDS, DTS

  • Based on a true story. You think we could make all this up?
  • A stiff drink. A little mascara. A lot of nerve. Who said they couldnt bring down the Soviet empire.
  • When the world wasnt watching, they changed it forever.

  • Writing by: Aaron Sorkin – (screenplay)
    George Crile – (book)

    Produced by: Mary Bailey – associate producer
    Celia D. Costas – executive producer (as Celia Costas)
    Gary Goetzman – producer
    Michael Haley – co-producer (as Mike Haley)
    Tom Hanks – producer
    Edward Hunt – associate producer
    Ryan Kavanaugh – executive producer
    Paul A. Levin – associate producer
    Jeff Skoll – executive producer

    Cast: Tom Hanks – Charlie Wilson
    Amy Adams – Bonnie Bach
    Julia Roberts – Joanne Herring
    Philip Seymour Hoffman – Gust Avrakotos
    Terry Bozeman – CIA Award Presenter
    Brian Markinson – Paul Brown
    Jud Tylor – Crystal Lee
    Hilary Angelo – Kelly
    Cyia Batten – Stacey
    Kirby Mitchell – Stoned Guy
    Ed Regine – Limo Driver

    Music: James Newton Howard
    Official Website: Visit Website

    Plot Outline: A drama based on a Texas congressman Charlie Wilsons covert dealings in Afghanistan, where his efforts to assist rebels in their war with the Soviets have some unforeseen and long-reaching effects.
    Plot: In the early 1980s, Charlie Wilson is a womanizing US congressional representative from Texas who seemed to be in the minor leagues, except for the fact that he is a member of two major foreign policy and covert-ops committees. However, prodded by his major conservative supporter, Joanne Herring, Wilson learns about the plight of the people are suffering in the brutal Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. With the help of the maverick CIA agent, Gust Avrakotos, Wilson dedicates his canny political efforts to supply the Afghan mujahideen with the weapons and support to defeat the Soviet Union. However, Charlie Wilson eventually learns that while military victory can had, there are other consequences and prices to that fight that are ignored to everyones sorrow.

    Crazy Credits: We know about 1 Crazy Credits. One of them reads:
    This film is carbon neutral with NativeEnergy

    Goofs: We know about 14 goofs. Here comes one of them:
    Factual errors: The Texas flag in Charlie Wilsons office is upside down on the pole. The white horizontal bar should be on top.

    Trivia: There are 7 entries in the trivia list – like these:

    • A special effects assistant received critical injuries due to a handheld mock-up of a stinger missile exploding as it was being prepared to be used in a scene aboard a helicopter.
    • Emily Blunt filmed her part in two days.
    • Towards the end of the movie Charlie Wilson is presented with one of the Stingers he helped provide to the Afghans. In an interview with the real Charlie Wilson, Wilson states that he still has the Stinger as its one of his most prized possessions and its kept in “a very honored spot in my home”.

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

Category: Biography
All Genres: Biography, Crime, Drama, Western
Release Year: 2007
Country: USA
Runtime: 160
Rating: 6.8 (0)
Languages: English
Director: Andrew Dominik
Sound: SDDS, DTS, Dolby Digital

  • All the fun of college, none of the education.
  • Why do men act like boys? Because they can.

  • Writing by: Andrew Dominik – (screenplay)
    Ron Hansen – (novel)

    Produced by: Jules Daly – producer
    Lisa Ellzey – executive producer
    Dede Gardner – producer
    Brad Grey – executive producer
    Ron Hansen – associate producer
    Brad Pitt – producer
    Ridley Scott – producer
    Tony Scott – executive producer
    David Valdes – producer
    Ben Waisbren – executive producer (as Benjamin Waisbren)
    Tom Cox – producer: Alberta Film Entertainment (uncredited)
    Murray Ord – producer: Alberta Film Entertainment (uncredited)
    Jordy Randall – producer: Alberta Film Entertainment (uncredited)

    Cast: Brad Pitt – Jesse James
    Mary-Louise Parker – Zee James
    Brooklynn Proulx – Mary James
    Dustin Bollinger – Tim James
    Casey Affleck – Robert Ford
    Sam Rockwell – Charley Ford
    Jeremy Renner – Wood Hite
    Sam Shepard – Frank James
    Garret Dillahunt – Ed Miller
    Paul Schneider – Dick Liddil
    Joel McNichol – Express Messenger

    Music: Nick Cave Warren Ellis
    Official Website: Visit Website

    Plot Outline: Robert Ford, whos idolized Jesse James since childhood, tries hard to join the reforming gang of the Missouri outlaw, but gradually becomes resentful of the bandit leader.
    Plot: The last months of Jesse Jamess life, from meeting Robert Ford, a 19-year-old who idolizes Jesse, to the day Ford shoots him. Jesses a wanted man, living under a pseudonym, carrying out a train robbery, disappearing to Kentucky, and reappearing to plan a bank holdup with Robert and Roberts brother as his team. The rest of the gang is dead, arrested, or gone from Missouri. Whenever Jesses around, theres tension: hes murderous, quixotic, depressed, and cautious. Ford wants to be somebody and wants the reward. On April 3, 1882, things come to a head: Jesse is 34, Robert 20. Ford becomes famous, reenacting the shooting on stage, facing down the label “coward,” shot dead in 1892.

    Crazy Credits: We know about 1 Crazy Credits. One of them reads:
    During most of the end credits, there are scenes showing what happened to the main characters.

    Goofs: We know about 5 goofs. Here comes one of them:
    Anachronisms: The song “A Bird in a Gilded Cage”, being sung during saloon scene dated 1892, was not written until 1900.

    Trivia: There are 9 entries in the trivia list – like these:

    • When casting for the role of Robert Ford it came down to Casey Affleck and Shia LaBeouf. Affleck eventually got the role, because LaBeouf was felt to be too young.
    • Garret Dillahunt was originally set to play Robert Fords brother, due to his striking resemblance to Casey Affleck, but due to a TV commitment, Dillahunt was given a smaller role and Sam Rockwell replaced his original part.
    • According to Andrew Dominik, Brad Pitt had it put in his contract that the name of the movie was not to be changed.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Category: Biography
All Genres: Biography, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
Release Year: 1998
Country: USA
Runtime: 118
Rating: 7.7 (0)
Languages: English
Director: Terry Gilliam
Sound: DTS, Dolby Digital, SDDS

  • Give us your brain for two hours and you will never be the same again…..(Icelandic)
  • If there was a trip to be taken, they were there (Australian)
  • Four Days, Three nights, Two Convertibles, One City
  • Buy the ticket, take the ride.

  • Writing by: Hunter S. Thompson – (book)
    Terry Gilliam – (screenplay) &
    Tony Grisoni – (screenplay) and
    Tod Davies – (screenplay) &
    Alex Cox – (screenplay)

    Produced by: Harold Bronson – executive producer
    Patrick Cassavetti – producer
    Richard Foos – executive producer
    John Jergens – associate producer
    Laila Nabulsi – producer
    Stephen Nemeth – producer
    Elliot Lewis Rosenblatt – co-producer

    Cast: Johnny Depp – Raoul Duke
    Benicio Del Toro – Dr. Gonzo / Oscar Z. Acosta
    Tobey Maguire – Hitchhiker
    Ellen Barkin – Waitress at North Star Cafe
    Gary Busey – Highway Patrolman
    Christina Ricci – Lucy
    Mark Harmon – Magazine Reporter at Mint 400
    Cameron Diaz – Blonde TV Reporter
    Katherine Helmond – Desk Clerk at Mint Hotel
    Michael Jeter – L. Ron Bumquist
    Penn Jillette – Carnie Talker

    Music: Ray Cooper
    Official Website: Visit Website

    Plot Outline: An oddball journalist and his psychopathic lawyer travel to Las Vegas for a series of psychadelic escapades.
    Plot: The big-screen version of Hunter S. Thompsons seminal psychedelic classic about his road trip across Western America as he and his large Samoan lawyer searched desperately for the “American dream”… they were helped in large part by the huge amount of drugs and alcohol kept in their convertible, The Red Shark.

    Crazy Credits: We know about 2 Crazy Credits. One of them reads:
    The credits literally scroll down the freeway.

    Goofs: We know about 44 goofs. Here comes one of them:
    Crew or equipment visible: When Raoul Duke leaves the Mint Hotel and drives out into the desert, the shadow of the film crews scaffold is visible to the left of the Las Vegas sign.

    Trivia: There are 42 entries in the trivia list – like these:

    • The T-shirt that the hitchhiker (Tobey Maguire) wears has a Ralph Steadman picture on it. Ralph Steadman did the original illustrations for the book and the typeface of the credits is based on his handwriting.
    • Dukes tribute to Dr. Gonzo – “There he goes. One of Gods own prototypes. Some kind of high-powered mutant never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live, and too rare to die” – is taken from the foreword of “Autobiography of a Brown Buffalo,” the semi-autobiographical novel written by Oscar Zeta Acosta. Zeta Acosta was the famous “Chicano lawyer” and friend of Hunter S. Thompson whose notorious party binges served as the model for Dr. Gonzo. Thompson changed Zeta Acostas ethnic identity to “Samoan” to deflect suspicion from Zeta Acosta, who was in some trouble with militant Chicanos in L.A. at the time the book was written.
    • Cameo: [Hunter S. Thompson] at the Jefferson Airplane show. When Johnny Depp, as Thompson, sees the real Thompson, Depps narration says “There I was . . . mother of God, there I am!”

Becoming Jane

Category: Biography
All Genres: Biography, Drama, Romance
Release Year: 2007
Country: UK
Runtime: 120
Rating: 6.9 (0)
Languages: English
Director: Julian Jarrold
Sound: DTS, Dolby Digital

  • "A woman especially if she has the misfortune of knowing anything, should conceal it as well as she can." -Jane Austen
  • Becoming a woman. Becoming a legend.
  • Her own life is her greatest inspiration.
  • Between sense and sensibility and pride and prejudice was a life worth writing about.
  • Jane Austens Greatest Love Story Was Her Own

  • Writing by: Jane Austen – letters
    Kevin Hood – writer
    Sarah Williams – writer

    Produced by: Jeff Abberley – executive producer
    Joanna Anderson – associate producer: Ecosse Films
    Robert Bernstein – producer
    Julia Blackman – executive producer
    Graham Broadbent – producer
    Noëlette Buckley – line producer (as Noëlette Buckley)
    Nicole Finnan – executive producer
    James Flynn – co-producer
    Tim Haslam – executive producer
    Morgan OSullivan – co-producer
    Douglas Rae – producer
    James Saynor – co-producer

    Cast: Anne Hathaway – Jane Austen
    James McAvoy – Tom Lefroy
    Julie Walters – Mrs. Austen
    James Cromwell – Rev Austen
    Maggie Smith – Lady Gresham
    Anna Maxwell Martin – Cassandra Cassie Austen
    Lucy Cohu – Eliza De Feuillide
    Laurence Fox – Mr. Wisley
    Ian Richardson – Judge Langlois
    Joe Anderson – Henry Austen
    Leo Bill – John Warren

    Music: Adrian Johnston
    Official Website: Visit Website

    Plot Outline: A biographical portrait of a pre-fame Jane Austen and her romance with a young Irishman.
    Plot: The year is 1795 and young Jane Austen is a feisty 20-year-old and emerging writer who already sees a world beyond class and commerce, beyond pride and prejudice, and dreams of doing what was then nearly unthinkable – marrying for love. Naturally, her parents are searching for a wealthy, well-appointed husband to assure their daughters future social standing. They are eyeing Mr. Wisley, nephew to the very formidable, not to mention very rich, local aristocrat Lady Gresham, as a prospective match. But when Jane meets the roguish and decidedly non-aristocratic Tom Lefroy, sparks soon fly along with the sharp repartee. His intellect and arrogance raise her ire – then knock her head over heels. Now, the couple, whose flirtation flies in the face of the sense and sensibility of the age, is faced with a terrible dilemma. If they attempt to marry, they will risk everything that matters – family, friends and fortune.

    Crazy Credits: We know about 2 Crazy Credits. One of them reads:
    The closing credits feature animations, followed by a trickle of blood that wends its way through the cast list and finally pools on the word Stunts.

    Goofs: We know about 11 goofs. Here comes one of them:
    Crew or equipment visible: In the beach scene, a crane is visible on the horizon in the top right corner of the screen.

    Trivia: There are 11 entries in the trivia list – like these:

    • Kate Winslet, Natalie Portman and Keira Knightley were also considered for the role of Jane Austen.
    • Anne Hathaway learned to play the piano and worked with a dialect coach for the preparation of this movie.
    • Up to 300 extras were used in the ballroom scene which was visited by John ODonoghue, the Irish Minister for the Arts.

Girl, Interrupted

Category: Biography
All Genres: Biography, Drama
Release Year: 1999
Country: USA, Germany
Runtime: 127
Rating: 6.4 (0)
Languages: English
Director: James Mangold
Sound: Dolby Digital, SDDS

  • Based on a true story
  • The crazy thing is, youre not crazy.
  • Sometimes the only way to stay sane is to go a little crazy

  • Writing by: Susanna Kaysen – (book)
    James Mangold – (screenplay) and
    Lisa Loomer – (screenplay) and
    Anna Hamilton Phelan – (screenplay)

    Produced by: Carol Bodie – executive producer
    Georgia Kacandes – co-producer
    Susanna Kaysen – associate producer
    Cathy Konrad – producer
    Winona Ryder – executive producer
    Douglas Wick – producer

    Cast: Winona Ryder – Susanna Kaysen
    Angelina Jolie – Lisa Rowe
    Clea DuVall – Georgina Tuskin (as Clea Duvall)
    Brittany Murphy – Daisy Randone
    Elisabeth Moss – Polly Torch Clark
    Jared Leto – Tobias Toby Jacobs
    Jeffrey Tambor – Dr. Melvin Potts
    Vanessa Redgrave – Dr. Sonia Wick
    Whoopi Goldberg – Valerie Owens, RN
    Angela Bettis – Janet Webber
    Jillian Armenante – Cynthia Crowley

    Music: Mychael Danna
    Official Website: Visit Website

    Plot Outline: Based on writer Susanna Kaysens account of her 18-month stay at a mental hospital in the 1960s.
    Plot: Susanna is rushed to the hospital. Afterwards she discusses this with a psychiatrist. She had been having some delusions. She had also been having an affair with the husband of her parents friend. The doctor suggests that combining a bottle of aspirin and a bottle of vodka was a suicide attempt. This she denies. He recommends a short period of rest at Claymoore. Claymoore is a private mental hospital full of noisy, crazy people. Georgina is a pathological liar. Polly has been badly scarred by fire. Daisy wont eat in the presence of other people. Lisa is a sociopath, the biggest exasperation for the staff – like Nurse Valerie – and the biggest influence on the other girls in the hospital. Lisa has a history of escapes, so gaining access to personal medical files is not a problem… Susannas boyfriend Toby is concerned that she seems too comfortable living with her institutionalized friends…

    Crazy Credits: We know about 3 Crazy Credits. One of them reads:
    While this Picture is based upon the book “Bully: A True Story of High School Revenge” written by Jim Schutze, some of the characters and persons have been composited, invented and recreated and a number of incidents have been fictionalized, emphasized and exaggerated for dramatic effect.

    Goofs: We know about 18 goofs. Here comes one of them:
    Anachronisms: The girls in the hospital are shown watching The Wizard of Oz (1939) during the daytime. In the sixties the “Wizard of Oz” was only broadcast once a year around Easter and only during the evening. Since this movie takes place before the availability of the VCR theres no way they could have been watching this movie during the day.

    Trivia: There are 10 entries in the trivia list – like these:

Scaphandre et le papillon, Le

Category: Biography
All Genres: Biography, Drama
Release Year: 2007
Country: USA, France
Runtime: 112
Rating: 6.4 (0)
Languages: French
Director: Julian Schnabel
Sound: Dolby Digital, DTS

  • Let your imagination set you free

  • Writing by: Ronald Harwood – (screenplay)
    Jean-Dominique Bauby – (novel "Le scaphandre et le papillon")

    Produced by: François-Xavier Decraene – line producer
    Léonard Glowinski – associate producer
    Pierre Grunstein – executive producer
    Kathleen Kennedy – producer
    Jon Kilik – producer
    Jim Lemley – executive producer

    Cast: Mathieu Amalric – Jean-Do
    Emmanuelle Seigner – Céline
    Marie-Josée Croze – Henriette Roi
    Anne Consigny – Claude
    Patrick Chesnais – Le Docteur Lepage
    Niels Arestrup – Roussin
    Olatz López Garmendia – Marie Lopez
    Jean-Pierre Cassel – Père Lucien et le Vendeur
    Marina Hands – Joséphine
    Max von Sydow – Papinou
    Gérard Watkins – Le Docteur Cocheton

    Music: Paul Cantelon
    Official Website: Visit Website

    Plot Outline: The true story of Elle editor Jean-Dominique Bauby who suffers a stroke and has to live with an almost totally paralyzed body; only his left eye isnt paralyzed.
    Plot: Elle France editor Jean-Dominique Bauby, who, in 1995 at the age of 43, suffered a stroke that paralyzed his entire body, except his left eye. Using that eye to blink out his memoir, Bauby eloquently described the aspects of his interior world, from the psychological torment of being trapped inside his body to his imagined stories from lands hed only visited in his mind.

    Crazy Credits: We know about 2 Crazy Credits. One of them reads:
    During the closing credits, the cast sings karaoke to “Burning Love” by Elvis.

    Goofs: We know about 1 goofs. Here comes one of them:
    Anachronisms: In the scene where Jean-Do is taken on a boat ride, A Speedferries vessel can be glimpsed in the background. This company did not commence business until 2004 – years after the time in which the story is set.

    Trivia: There are 3 entries in the trivia list – like these:

    • Two of the actors, Mathieu Amalric and Marie-Josйe Croze, have played in Steven Spielbergs Munich, as Louis, the French contact, and as the Dutch assassin.
    • Actor Johnny Depp had originally been set to play the lead character, Jean-Dominique Bauby. However, he dropped from the project due to scheduling conflicts (filming for Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End).
    • The script, written by Ron Harwood, was originally in English. Director Julian Schnabel convinced the studio, Pathй, to change the language to French to stay true to Baubys life and story.

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