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Watch Movie Reviews – Drona


Abhishek Bachchan, Priyanka Chopra, Kay Kay Menon
Direction: Goldie Behl

What comes first: Special effects or story? This question is like the classic chicken-and-egg conundrum for the makers of this film, who mistakenly thought that extravagant SFX was enough to transform a jaded superhero story into box office magic.

Little did they understand that the new age viewer has been bred on a wholesome diet of flying and fighting machines that go by the name of Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Ironman….Each one a jaw-dropping tryst with the glorious, the magnificent, the supra-human. So, gustakhi maaf, (the word’s used a million times in the film and roughly translates to sorry) but why would he/she settle for a poor man’s Hancock (Abhishek Bachchan) and an over-the-top Joker (Kay Kay Menon)!

Goldie Behl’s film boasts of some great action montages, specially a train sequence, reminiscent of Sholay, and loads of CGI stuff, where magical mirages appear in deserts, simple blue petals become living, breathing forms, a bloody clone of magician Kay Kay wilts before the original and a kohl-rimmed Priyanka Chopra kicks butt like never before. But that’s just a handful. For the rest, the mumbo-jumbo about an ordinary hero, Aditya (Abhishek) who metamorphoses into super hero, Drona, after donning a magical bracelet and stops the bad guy from sipping amrit, leaves you cold and unmoved.

Maybe, because the hero has almost nothing to do, except mutter three-word dialogues after prolonged intervals. Because his svelte bodyguard (Priyanka Chopra) follows him like a lost puppy, whispering and whining, all the way through. Because the bad guy, Riz Raizada (Kay Kay) tries a Heath Ledger (as in The Dark Knight), but fails to tread the fine line between menace and melodrama. Because the narrative is threadbare, the drama sub zero and the end product ekdum thanda.





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