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The Women

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The Third Man

Category: Film-NoirAll Genres: Film-Noir, Mystery, ThrillerRelease Year: 1949Country: UKRuntime: 104Rating: 6.4 (0) Languages: English, German, Russian Director: Carol Reed Sound: Mono Taglines: Carol Reeds Classic Thriller Youve never met anyone like him! (from reissue print ad) Hell have you in a dither with his zither! (from reissue print) Hunted by men…Sought by WOMEN! HUNTED…By a [...]

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Dark Passage

Category: Film-NoirAll Genres: Film-Noir, ThrillerRelease Year: 1947Country: USARuntime: 106Rating: 7.1 (0) Languages: English Director: Delmer Daves Sound: Mono Taglines: Two Of A Kind ! Tough . . . Torrid . . . Terrific ! IN DANGER AS VIOLENT AS THEIR LOVE!!! (one-sheet poster) TOGETHER AGAIN! (original one-sheet poster) Writing by: Delmer Daves – (screenplay)David Goodis [...]

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Category: Film-NoirAll Genres: Film-Noir, Mystery, ThrillerRelease Year: 1941Country: USARuntime: 99Rating: 5.3 (0) Languages: English Director: Alfred Hitchcock Sound: Mono Taglines: Love in his Heart . . . Tragedy in his Mind ! The stars of "Penny Serenade" and "Rebecca" in this most thrilling mystery . . . Each time they kissed… there was the thrill [...]

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Johnny Guitar

Category: Film-NoirAll Genres: Film-Noir, WesternRelease Year: 1954Country: USARuntime: 110Rating: 4.6 (0) Languages: English Director: Nicholas Ray Sound: Mono Taglines: Gun-Queen of the Arizona Frontier ! . . . and her kind of men !!! Writing by: Roy Chanslor – (novel)Philip Yordan – (screenplay)Ben Maddow – uncreditedNicholas Ray – uncredited Produced by: Lawrence Bender – producer [...]

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The Desperate Hours

Category: Film-NoirAll Genres: Film-Noir, Drama, ThrillerRelease Year: 1955Country: USARuntime: 112Rating: 8.6 (0) Languages: English Director: William Wyler Sound: Mono Taglines: A reign of violence sweeps the screen Writing by: Joseph Hayes – (novel)Joseph Hayes – (play)Joseph Hayes – (screenplay) Produced by: Robert Wyler – associate producer William Wyler – producer Cast: Humphrey Bogart – Glenn [...]

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Pickup on South Street

Category: Film-NoirAll Genres: Film-Noir, ThrillerRelease Year: 1953Country: USARuntime: 80Rating: 4.7 (0) Languages: English Director: Samuel Fuller Sound: Mono Taglines: How the law took a chance on a B-girl… and won! Writing by: Samuel Fuller – (screenplay)Dwight Taylor – (story) Produced by: Jules Schermer – producer Cast: Richard Widmark – Skip McCoyJean Peters – CandyThelma Ritter [...]

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This Gun for Hire

Category: Film-NoirAll Genres: Film-Noir, Crime, ThrillerRelease Year: 1942Country: USARuntime: 80Rating: 4 (0) Languages: English Director: Frank Tuttle Sound: Mono Taglines: Lover without a heart…killer without a conscience! Hes dynamite with a gun or a girl. Writing by: Graham Greene – (novel "A Gun for Sale")Albert Maltz – (writer) & W.R. Burnett – (writer) Produced by: [...]

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The Woman in the Window

Category: Film-NoirAll Genres: Film-Noir, ThrillerRelease Year: 1944Country: USARuntime: 99Rating: 4 (0) Languages: English Director: Fritz Lang Sound: Mono Taglines: It was the look in her eyes that made him think of murder. The screens supreme adventure in suspense! Writing by: Nunnally Johnson – writerJ.H. Wallis – novel "Once Off Guard" Produced by: Nunnally Johnson – [...]

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Journey Into Fear

Category: Film-NoirAll Genres: Film-Noir, Drama, WarRelease Year: 1943Country: USARuntime: 68Rating: 5.3 (0) Languages: English, Turkish, French, German Director: Norman FosterOrson Welles Sound: Mono Taglines: Welles and Del Rio together! as Terror Man vs. Leopard Woman–for possession of a mysterious stranger in the powder-keg Middle East…a man with a military secret worth more than his love [...]

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