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Category: HorrorAll Genres: HorrorRelease Year: 1998Country: USARuntime: 72Rating: 8.7 (0) Languages: English Director: David DeCoteau Sound: Stereo Taglines: Evil never dies! Writing by: Benjamin Carr – writer Produced by: Kirk Edward Hansen – co-producer Vlad Paunescu – producer Charles Band – executive producer (uncredited) Cast: Billy Parish – Elias StormWalter Jones – Jake FineJason Adelman [...]

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Zombie Island Massacre

Category: HorrorAll Genres: HorrorRelease Year: 1984Country: USARuntime: 95Rating: 8.7 (0) Languages: English Director: John N. Carter Sound: Mono Taglines: HAVE A FUN-FILLED VACATION! Toe-Tapping Machete Head Dances! Glamourous Zombie-Style Cosmetic Surgery! Fabulous Air-Conditioned Tiger Pits! Writing by: David Broadnax – storyLogan ONeill – screenplayLogan ONeill – storyWilliam Stoddard – screenplay Produced by: David Broadnax – [...]

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Visitante de invierno

Category: HorrorAll Genres: HorrorRelease Year: 2007Country: Spain, ArgentinaRuntime: 95Rating: 8.7 (0) Languages: Spanish Director: Sergio Esquenazi Sound: Dolby Digital Taglines: One book. One ring. One world. Writing by: Sergio Esquenazi – writer Produced by: Eva Baró – producer Hernán Findling – executive producer Christian Koruk – associate producer Esteban Mentasti – producer Horacio Mentasti – [...]

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I Bury the Living

Category: HorrorAll Genres: Horror, Mystery, ThrillerRelease Year: 1958Country: USARuntime: 76Rating: 6.4 (0) Languages: English Director: Albert Band Sound: Mono Taglines: THE MOST SPINE-CHILLING CRY THAT EVER FROZE THE BLOOD!… SHOCKS THAT CHALLENGE THE IMAGINATION!!! Out of a time-rotted tomb crawls an unspeakable horror! A creature to freeze your blood! A story to chill your soul! [...]

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Witchcraft X: Mistress of the Craft

Category: HorrorAll Genres: HorrorRelease Year: 1998Country: UKRuntime: 90Rating: 6.4 (0) Languages: English Director: Elisar Cabrera Sound: Mono Taglines: Heads or Tails . . . Heads its . . . Willie tails its Phil. What is this thing called love. Writing by: Elisar Cabrera – writer Produced by: Jon Blay – producer Elisar Cabrera – producer [...]

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Camerons Closet

Category: HorrorAll Genres: HorrorRelease Year: 1989Country: USA, UKRuntime: 87Rating: 6.4 (0) Languages: English Director: Armand Mastroianni Sound: Ultra Stereo Taglines: Pray the door remains locked, to…Camerons Closet A new place to look for terror. Dont ever open the door. The nightmare begins when you open the door. from the author of The Howling comes the [...]

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Category: HorrorAll Genres: Horror, Sci-FiRelease Year: 1990Country: USARuntime: 88Rating: 6.2 (0) Languages: English Director: J.S. Cardone Sound: Stereo Taglines: On The Dark Side Of Dreams, A New Terror Takes Shape. Writing by: J.S. Cardone – (written by) Produced by: Charles Band – executive producer Debra Dion – associate producer Carol Kottenbrook – producer Cast: Louise [...]

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Fog Island

Category: HorrorAll Genres: Horror, MysteryRelease Year: 1945Country: USARuntime: 72Rating: 3.9 (0) Languages: English Director: Terry O. Morse Sound: Mono Taglines: Strange Adventure in a House Of Mystery! STARTLING…The Amazing Tale Of A Fog Swept Place Of Terror! Writing by: Bernadine Angus – (play "Angel Island")Pierre Gendron – (screenplay) Produced by: Terry O. Morse – associate [...]

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Bosco fuori, Il

Category: HorrorAll Genres: Horror, ThrillerRelease Year: 2006Country: ItalyRuntime: 85Rating: 3.9 (0) Languages: Italian Director: Gabriele Albanesi Sound: Mono Taglines: All the fire . . . power . . . drama . . . of A.B. Guthries monumental best-seller! Writing by: Gabriele Albanesi – written by Produced by: Gabriele Albanesi – associate producer Antonio Manetti – [...]

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Pale Blood

Category: HorrorAll Genres: HorrorRelease Year: 1990Country: USA, Hong KongRuntime: 93Rating: 3.9 (0) Languages: English Director: V.V. Dachin HsuMichael W. Leighton Sound: Ultra Stereo Taglines: Love on the razors edge of addiction. Writing by: V.V. Dachin Hsu – writerTakashi Matsuoka – writer Produced by: Tony Brewster – line producer George H. Cook – associate producer Omar [...]

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