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Entries for the ‘Crime’ Category

The Blood Beast Terror

Category: CrimeAll Genres: Crime, Mystery, Horror, Sci-FiRelease Year: 1968Country: UKRuntime: 88Rating: 9.5 (0) Languages: English Director: Vernon Sewell Sound: Mono Taglines: Its illegal. Its immoral. And its always deadly. Writing by: Peter Bryan – writer Produced by: Arnold L. Miller – producer Tony Tenser – executive producer Cast: Peter Cushing – Detective Inspector QuennellRobert Flemyng [...]

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Tomorrow Never Comes

Category: CrimeAll Genres: Crime, DramaRelease Year: 1978Country: UK, CanadaRuntime: 109Rating: 8.7 (0) Languages: English Director: Peter Collinson Sound: Mono Taglines: …A Story of Today… Writing by: Sydney Banks – writerDavid Pursall – screenplayDavid Pursall – storyJack Seddon – screenplayJack Seddon – story Produced by: Denis Héroux – associate producer Michael Klinger – producer Julian Melzack [...]

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Quelquun derrière la porte

Category: CrimeAll Genres: Crime, DramaRelease Year: 1971Country: FranceRuntime: 97Rating: 8.7 (0) Languages: English Director: Nicolas Gessner Sound: Mono Taglines: No memory, no name, no mind: This man will act out someone elses insanity and revenge. Writing by: Marc Behm – writerNicolas Gessner – writerJacques Robert – writerLorenzo Ventavoli – writer Produced by: Raymond Danon – [...]

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The Swiss Conspiracy

Category: CrimeAll Genres: Crime, DramaRelease Year: 1976Country: USA, West GermanyRuntime: 89Rating: 8.7 (0) Languages: English, German Director: Jack Arnold Sound: Mono Taglines: Dirty Money, Dirty Secrets… Writing by: Norman Klenman – screenplayNorman Klenman – storyHorward Merrill – storyPhilip Saltzman – writerNorman Sedawie – storyMichael Stanley – writer Produced by: Raymond R. Homer – executive producer [...]

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Category: CrimeAll Genres: Crime, Mystery, ThrillerRelease Year: 1949Country: UKRuntime: 96Rating: 8.7 (0) Languages: English Director: Edward Dmytryk Sound: Mono Taglines: 6 2" of dynamite caught in the web of international intrigue! 6ft. 2in. of dynamite explodes into action. Writing by: Alec Coppel – (book "A Man About A Dog")Alec Coppel – (screenplay) Produced by: Nat [...]

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Delinquent Daughters

Category: CrimeAll Genres: Crime, Drama, RomanceRelease Year: 1944Country: USARuntime: 72Rating: 6.4 (0) Languages: English Director: Albert Herman Sound: Mono Taglines: YOUTH ON TRIAL…FOR THE SINS OF ITS PARENTS! CROOKED MONEY! FUN-CRAZED YOUTH! Consorting with Crooks for Money to Spend on Girls, Gin and Gambling! HE COULD BE YOUR BOY! Is he Guilty? Is he to [...]

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Murder by Numbers

Category: CrimeAll Genres: Crime, ThrillerRelease Year: 1990Country: USARuntime: 85Rating: 6.2 (0) Languages: English Director: Paul Leder Sound: Mono Taglines: Dont release what you cant put back. Writing by: Paul Leder – writer Produced by: Bob Cook – associate producer Vladek Juszkiewicz – associate producer Paul Leder – producer Avrumie Schnitzer – associate producer Ralph Tornberg [...]

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Guilty Hearts

Category: CrimeAll Genres: Crime, DramaRelease Year: 2002Country: USARuntime: 180Rating: 3.9 (0) Languages: English Director: Marcus Cole Sound: Stereo Taglines: A respected doctor. A woman of faith. Their secret affair led to… murder. Writing by: J.B. White – (written by) and Steven Siegel – (written by) (as Steve Siegel) Produced by: Nina Guckenberger – co-producer Julie [...]

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Kiss or Kill

Category: CrimeAll Genres: Crime, ThrillerRelease Year: 1997Country: AustraliaRuntime: 96Rating: 6.7 (0) Languages: English Director: Bill Bennett Sound: Dolby Taglines: Lovers on the RUN . . . How much hell can two people raise in the middle of nowhere? The ultimate romantic getaway. Writing by: Bill Bennett – writer Produced by: Bill Bennett – producer Mikael [...]

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Liars Poker

Category: CrimeAll Genres: CrimeRelease Year: 1999Country: USARuntime: 93Rating: 6.7 (0) Languages: English Director: Jeff Santo Sound: Dolby Taglines: The Truth Can Kill Four Men. One Game. No re-match. Writing by: Jeff Santo – (writer) Produced by: Michael Hirshenson – associate producer (as Michael P. Hirshenson)Carlos H. Sánchez – producer Jeff Santo – producer Billy Savino [...]

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