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Entries for the ‘Sci-Fi’ Category

The Nest

Category: Sci-FiAll Genres: Sci-Fi, HorrorRelease Year: 1988Country: USARuntime: 89Rating: 8.7 (0) Languages: English Director: Terence H. Winkless Sound: Stereo Taglines: Roaches have never tasted flesh… until now. Shes just an appetizer. Writing by: Robert King – writer Produced by: Julie Corman – producer Cast: Robert Lansing – Elias JohnsonLisa Langlois – Elizabeth JohnsonFranc Luz – [...]

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Oblivion 2: Backlash

Category: Sci-FiAll Genres: Sci-Fi, WesternRelease Year: 1996Country: USARuntime: 83Rating: 6.7 (0) Languages: English Director: Sam Irvin Sound: Dolby SR Taglines: Its high noon at the end of the universe Writing by: Charles Band – storyPeter David – writerMark Goldstein – storyJohn Rheaume – storyGreg Suddeth – story Produced by: Albert Band – co-producer Charles Band [...]

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Something Weird

Category: FantasyAll Genres: Fantasy, HorrorRelease Year: 1967Country: USARuntime: 80Rating: 6.7 (0) Languages: English Director: Herschell Gordon Lewis Sound: Mono Taglines: Something Weird comes to haunt you… a boiling, bizarre tale of a mad love that crashes through the supernatural! An unbelievable journey into the awesome worlds of E.S.P. and witchcraft! Writing by: James F. Hurley [...]

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Category: Sci-FiAll Genres: Sci-Fi, DramaRelease Year: 1970Country: UKRuntime: 50Rating: 6.7 (0) Languages: English Director: Picha Sound: Mono Taglines: Cold Steel, Hot Babes, And Whips! Writing by: Tony Hendra – screenplay: American versionChristine Neubaur – american versionPicha – writerJoseph Plewa – american versionJonathan Schmock – american versionJames Vallely – american version Produced by: Bernadette Fisenne – [...]

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The Creation of the Humanoids

Category: Sci-FiAll Genres: Sci-FiRelease Year: 1962Country: USARuntime: 75Rating: 6 (0) Languages: English Director: Wesley Barry Sound: Mono, Mono Taglines: Mans Own Creation! Can He Control Machines That Produce People? Never Has the Screen Brought You A More *Shocking* Revelation! Out Of A [sic] World War III Came… The Creation of the Humanoids Was This Monster [...]

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Uchûjin Tôkyô ni arawaru

Category: Sci-FiAll Genres: Sci-FiRelease Year: 1956Country: JapanRuntime: 87Rating: 5.3 (0) Languages: Japanese Director: Koji Shima Sound: Mono Taglines: When the moon rises, the howling begins. Writing by: Jay Cipes – English dialogue (as Jay H. Cipes)Gentaro Nakajima – novelHideo Oguni – writerEdward Palmer – English dialogue Produced by: Masaichi Nagata – producer Cast: Keizo Kawasaki [...]

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Tum Mere Ho

Category: FantasyAll Genres: Fantasy, Horror, RomanceRelease Year: 1990Country: IndiaRuntime: 129Rating: 4.3 (0) Languages: Hindi Director: Tahir Hussain Sound: Mono Taglines: Hell get under your skin Writing by: Tahir Hussain – written by (as Tahir Husain)Madan Joshi – dialogueKalim Rahi – screenplaySurendra Singh – story Produced by: Zohra Begum – co-producer Tahir Hussain – producer Faisal [...]

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Category: FantasyAll Genres: Fantasy, ThrillerRelease Year: 2007Country: NetherlandsRuntime: 100Rating: 4.3 (0) Languages: English Director: Roel Reiné Sound: Dolby Digital Taglines: The Ultimate Buddy Picture – It hits below the belt!! A comedy about men and women and what stands between them. Writing by: Michael A. Rauch – writerRoel Reiné – writer Produced by: Andrew Ackerman [...]

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Precious Find

Category: Sci-FiAll Genres: Sci-FiRelease Year: 1996Country: USARuntime: 93 Languages: English Director: Philippe Mora Sound: Mono Taglines: Love Broke Her Heart ! Writing by: Lenny Britton – writer Produced by: Cindy Cowan – executive producer Vicky Herman – co-producer Joan Hyler – co-executive producer Sharon Mann – line producer John Remark – producer David Riva – [...]

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Guerra dei robot, La

Category: Sci-FiAll Genres: Sci-Fi, AdventureRelease Year: 1978Country: ItalyRuntime: 99 Languages: Italian Director: Alfonso Brescia Sound: Mono Taglines: Hostile Alien Cyborgs in a Battle for the Universe Writing by: Alfonso Brescia – story (as Al Bradly)Aldo Crudo – story (as Alan Rawton) Produced by: Luigi Alessi – producer Cast: Antonio Sabato – Captain John BoydYanti Somer [...]

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