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The Magnificent Seven

Category: WesternAll Genres: Western, Adventure, DramaRelease Year: 1960Country: USARuntime: 128Rating: 7.3 (0) Languages: English, Spanish Director: John Sturges Sound: Mono Taglines: They were seven – And they fought like seven hundred! The Magnificent One! Writing by: Akira Kurosawa – (screenplay "Shichinin no samurai") uncredited & Shinobu Hashimoto – (screenplay "Shichinin no samurai") uncredited & Hideo [...]

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Hang Em High

Category: WesternAll Genres: Western, Crime, DramaRelease Year: 1968Country: USARuntime: 114Rating: 7.3 (0) Languages: English Director: Ted Post Sound: Mono Taglines: The hanging was the best show in town. But they made two mistakes. They hung the wrong man and they didnt finish the job. High Adventure! Writing by: Leonard Freeman – (written by) and Mel [...]

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High Plains Drifter

Category: WesternAll Genres: Western, Drama, ThrillerRelease Year: 1973Country: USARuntime: 105Rating: 5.5 (0) Languages: English Director: Clint Eastwood Sound: Mono Taglines: Welcome to Hell Theyd never forget the day he drifted into town. They didnt know his face – They didnt know his name. But theyd never forget the day he drifted into town. Writing by: [...]

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A Man Called Horse

Category: WesternAll Genres: Western, Adventure, DramaRelease Year: 1970Country: USARuntime: 114Rating: 7 (0) Languages: English, Sioux Director: Elliot Silverstein Sound: Mono Taglines: A man called "Horse" becomes an Indian warrior in the most electrifying ritual ever seen! Writing by: Jack DeWitt – writerDorothy M. Johnson – story Produced by: Frank Brill – associate producer Sandy Howard [...]

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Rio Bravo

Category: WesternAll Genres: Western, Romance, DramaRelease Year: 1959Country: USARuntime: 141Rating: 7 (0) Languages: English, Spanish Director: Howard Hawks Sound: Mono Taglines: John Wayne The big guy with the battered hat… and Dean Martin the ragged woman-wrecked castoff called Dude… and Ricky Nelson The rockin babyfaced gunfisted kid… And Time Was Running Out Through Bullet Holes [...]

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Brothers in Arms

Category: WesternAll Genres: WesternRelease Year: 2005Country: USARuntime: 85Rating: 6.6 (0) Languages: English Director: Jean-Claude La Marre Sound: Mono Taglines: A revisionist western Old West. New Soul. Big Payback. Writing by: Jean-Claude La Marre – (story)Jean-Claude La Marre – (screenplay) & Antonio Olivas – (screenplay) (as Tyger Torrez) Produced by: Lila Aviv – producer Albert C. [...]

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Bad Girls

Category: WesternAll Genres: WesternRelease Year: 1994Country: USARuntime: 99Rating: 2.6 (0) Languages: English Director: Jonathan Kaplan Sound: Dolby Digital Taglines: It was a dangerous time to be a woman. And a good time to have friends. Writing by: Albert S. Ruddy – (story) & Charles Finch – (story) & Gray Frederickson – (story)Ken Friedman – (screenplay) [...]

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The Long Riders

Category: WesternAll Genres: WesternRelease Year: 1980Country: USARuntime: 99Rating: 5.5 (0) Languages: Swedish, English Director: Walter Hill Sound: Mono Taglines: "All the world likes an outlaw. For some damn reason they remember em." – Jesse James Writing by: Bill Bryden – (written by) & Steven Smith – (written by) (as Steven Phillip Smith) & Stacy Keach [...]

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Loves Abiding Joy

Category: WesternAll Genres: WesternRelease Year: 2006Country: USARuntime: 87Rating: 6.6 (0) Languages: Spanish, English, French, Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, French Sign Language Director: Michael Landon Jr. Sound: Dolby Digital Taglines: 11 directors, 11 stories, 1 film. Writing by: Michael Landon Jr. – (teleplay) & Douglas Lloyd McIntosh – (teleplay) and Bridget Terry – (teleplay)Michael Landon Jr. – [...]

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