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Flashbacks of a fool Moive Revies

Flashbacks of a fool

Flashbacks of a fool

Flashback of  a fool

Director: Baillie Walsh
Star Cast: Daniel Craig, Harry Eden, Olivia Williams
Genre: Drama

Baillie Walsh’s this dramatic film begins on a promising note. As the opening credits start rolling, the music played in the background soothes your heart and the visuals of the enchanting friendship shared between two young boys make you nostalgic. As the song progresses the director impressively contaminates the existing serene ambience by flashing visuals of an ageing Joe (Daniel Craig) having a night of three-way sex and cocaine orgy. At the crack of dawn, we see Joe sprawled on his bed… lying naked (wonder if the scene will make it to theatres here in India) as an aftermath of the drugs filled orgy and we get a cue that the man is leading a troubled life and needs help.

As we’d expect, Joe happens to be an ageing movie star whose career is going to dogs, owing to his own eccentric behaviour. He uses a concealer to hide his dark circles but finds it unable to hide his regrets. He leads an isolated life in his plush Malibu mansion and avoids reminiscing his past until his friend Boots dies. On getting the news Joe finally sets off for a journey that takes him back to his inglorious past and here is when the ‘flashbacks’ begin without Daniel Craig but actor Harry Eden playing the lead instead.

Walsh’s film could have been a touching emotional drama provided the director could have delivered what he promises initially. Instead of focusing on the ‘friendship’ between Joe and Boots, the director misses out on even the characterisation of Boots and rather focuses on Joe’s sexual relationship with an older woman who seduces him and gets him into her bed in his adolescence. Their multiple passionate sexual encounters are given preference over Joe’s love for his best friend and then the film leads no where as you do not sympathise with Joe, or any of the characters mentioned in the film. There is no mention of Joe’s dream of becoming an actor in the flashback either.
The slow pace is another spoiler and the film ceases to ‘move’ technically and emotionally.

Joe’s troubled character intrigues you but when you do get an opportunity to peep in his past you see nothing that touches your heart. The director miserably fails to traverse Joe’s evolution.

Much to our disappointment, the past seems to have no connection with the present in this film and had the narrative been as firm as Craig’s derriere, we’d have still recommended it. All the film achieves is to give a sexual gratification to its audiences but if that’s the only motive, a Jackie Collins Hollywood series novel would still read better…

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