A Vikram Bhatt Film – 1920



Banner: ASA Production and Enterprises Pvt Ltd.
Produced by: Surendra Sharma, Mrs Bhagwati Gabrani, Mrs Amita Bishnoi
Directed by: Vikram Bhatt
Cast: Rajneesh Duggal, Adah Sharma, Raj Zutshi, Vipin Sharma, Vallab Vyas, Amin Haji, Ashish Pradhan, Smita Hai, Rushitaa Pandya
Music Composer: Adnan Sami
Lyrics: Sameer
Cinematography: Pravin Bhatt
Executive Producer: Manmohan D Singh
Art: Rajat Poddar
Action: Abbas Ali Moghul

The film “1920” has a wonderful depiction of the castle in Britain (something like Harry Potter movies), church, costumes, make up and English era of 1920, but the movie is ineffective in scaring audience in the second part. The set up of the story is attractive and different (new for bollywood) but the depiction lacks continuity and clarity.

The story of the film is about a castle set up in 1920 that suffers a curse. The castle is given to Arjun to build up a five star hotel in place of it and he comes with his wife Lisa Singh to the castle. Then something unnatural starts happening in the castle as the curse says that everybody coming to the castle will die until somebody comes who is truly in love and has faith. The ghost overpowers Lisa and Arjun fights with the spirit trying to prove that he is truly in love.

The script is unpredictable in the start but as the movie proceeds its frustrating that you don’t get any surprise instead you are waiting for the end, with your script. What creates the horror is just the spirit and the man has to prove that he is in truly in love to convince the spirit.

The music of the film is average (the movie is unlike “Raaz” where the music was a hit.) The locations are beautiful. The camera work and screenplay is wonderful. Actress Rajneesh Duggal is ok, Adah Sharma looks good, Raj Zutshi is lovely in the film and others are average in performance.

You come across a few lovely moments and even horror moments in the film but overall effect is not very encouraging. The horror film “Phoonk” is in competition and hence the film will get average audience response.




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